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Newsletter: Easter 2016

Newsletter – Our news for 2016 up to Easter 

This newsletter was supposed to come with our wishes of a very Happy Easter to you all as we remember the significance of the empty cross and the empty grave at … more information

By : Kathleen Turner | Apr 4, 2016

Natural Medicines Training Seminar 2016

REAP conducted a Natural Medicines Training Seminar from March 6th-12th at the Mary Ward Centre in Karen.

The seminar was attended by participants from Kenya, South Sudan, Mozambique, USA and Australia.

Natural Medicines Training Seminar Content

During this seminar we … more information

By : Kathleen Turner | Mar 16, 2016

10 day trip to Turkana County, Northern Kenya

Roger has spent ten days in Turkana County in Northern Kenya doing an evaluation of the PRDA (Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency) Midwifery Training School.  The school has been training midwives in Leer, South Sudan for a number of years.… more information

By : Kathleen Turner | Feb 28, 2016