Natural Medicines Training Seminar Autumn 2014

REAP Kenya is planning another one-week training seminar in Autumn 2014, covering the basic anamed training on Natural Medicines.


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REAP has a commitment to encouraging others to have a

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REAP Teaching Leaflets

These teaching leaflets are designed for East African climate and conditions. You may print them and use them freely. You may not sell them. They are held under copyright by Rural Extension with Africa’s Poor.

The leaflets are in Adobe … more information

Planting Medicinal Plants

REAP is focusing on just a few well proven medicinal plants that can be used locally for treatment of common ailments.

These plants can be divided into three groups

  1. Large trees that should be planted somewhere in the compound
  2. Plants
  3. more information

In this photo, is Sam teaching a farmer (pastor) about pruning Moringa trees.

Pastor Joel…

Reusing Local Resources

During the Kisumu Show in 2009 REAP won the cup for the Best Stand in Environmental Management.  This was awarded to us in part because of our display on ways of managing and using waste.

The picture on the right … more information

Reusing Plastic Bottles

There are countless ways of reusing plastic bottles. Click on the photo to enlarge it.……

Stall Fed Dairy Goats

Stall-fed or zero grazed milk goats have a potential for bringing the same benefits with a greater emphasis on reaching the rural poor. REAP has a commitment to reaching the rural poor and has a strategy which takes technologies that … more information

Easter Tree Planting Campaign

Easter Tree Planting Campaign

A Tree Planting Nation – Honouring God and Future Generations

Every church and school…

A Biblical Teaching to Motivate Farmers to Maintain a Living Soil

In REAP (Rural Extension with Africa’s Poor) our work is through local churches, emphasising an approach that we believe plays to the potential of the local church.  While there is much potential that we see in the local church, we … more information

Guidelines for Teaching on Natural Medicines through the Church

Why are Natural Medicines relevant for the church?

  • They are Biblical.
  • When you are physically sick,…