About REAP old

REAP (Rural Extension with Africa’s Poor) was founded in 1999 by Dr. Roger Sharland.

REAP is a Christian organisation that seeks to facilitate churches and other Christian organisations with relevant teaching that is accessible to the rural poor. The foundation for our teaching is to motivate people spiritually from the Bible and when they are motivated to have practical teaching that is based more on knowledge and family labour than on purchased inputs. The emphasis throughout is on making use of available resources. REAP has three programmes:

  • Stewardship of God’s Earth, which teaches on sustainable agriculture and environment, emphasising working with God’s Creation;
  • Natural Medicines which teaches on the growing, preparation and use of researched and effective Natural Medicines;
  • Christian Women in Development (CWD) which has a major focus on teaching through women’s fellowship with a specific emphasis on improved rural kitchens including fuel efficient stoves.

Dr. Roger Sharland is the Director of REAP. He has an MA in Agriculture and Forest Sciences from Oxford University, UK. He also holds an MSc and PhD in Agricultural Extension from the University of Reading, UK. Roger worked in Southern Sudan for almost 12 years and has had another 22 years working across East Africa. His experience includes working with a broad range of Mainline and African Independent Churches, relating Biblical teaching to the agricultural development process.

Mrs. Rosalia Achieng Oyweka is Coordinator of the REAP Natural Medicines and Christian Women in Development (CWD) programmes. She is also a pastor in the Evangelical Christ Church of Africa (ECCA). Rosalia has worked for over 20 years in rural development and in teaching church women across East Africa. Her experience includes working with many mainline and African Independent Churches, relating Biblical teaching to improving the lives of women and their families. She is very experienced in working with Natural Medicines and an approved anamed trainer.

Ms. Anne Sigei is our office administrator in Nairobi. Since Roger is often in the field, Anne is a primary point of contact in the office. Anne also does training in HIV/AIDS related issues.

Pst. George Matengo Okoto is the field worker particularly responsible for the planting of Natural Medicines. He is also a pastor in Church of Peace in Africa, and a very active farmer.

Pst. Samuel Ouma Ndiege is the field worker under the Stewardship Department, encouraging tree planting and care for the soil. He is in particular promoting the planting of Vetiver Grass to counter soil erosion.

Mrs. Domitila Mirongo is the field worker with the Christian Women in Development (CWD) programme. She in particular works with improved kitchens, training in moulding and installing of the energy saving stoves that REAP promotes together with other low cost kitchen improvements.