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Ambassadors are supporters that REAP already has, who are willing to help reach a wider audience.

There are four elements to the role of Ambassadors (spelling REAP);

Recruiters, Equipped, Aware, Proactive


Ambassadors may find that in the process of telling people about REAP, someone would like to help in the charity’s promotion themselves.  REAP UK would be delighted to hear about them, so they could also be enlisted into the scheme.


The aim of the Ambassador scheme is to have everyone fully equipped, so that appropriate material is on hand to talk to people at all levels, without having to take time to prepare anything.

On request REAP UK will provide an Ambassador pack, which contains:

A copy of two books (blue and green) that REAP has prepared for use in Africa – these can be shown as illustrations of what REAP’s materials are like.

The Yellow book is by Anamed and gives additional information about Natural Medicines (which is a topic of great interest).

The REAP DVD, Let the Seed take Root, made in 2002.  This is included it as showing a DVD may be a suitable means of telling people about REAP.

Samples of Moringa, black stones, chilli ointment, Artemisia, plastic bag rope, etc., which are useful visual aids.  (If you place one of the black stones against your skin the suction effect can be felt, which causes some fascination.)

A CD containing all the materials needed (listed below).  This is so every Ambassador can access the materials themselves, on their own personal computer.  Each individual is left to print out any materials, as the requirement arises.

The contents of this CD is also available here on the REAP website.

  • There are four power point presentations of REAP Stories; REAP Story (that gives the background to REAP), Agricultural Story, Home Story and Natural Medicines Story.  Together these cover a large part of REAP’s work.
  • Each presentation has an accompanying colour one page brochure that briefly advertises it.
  • Each presentation has a corresponding A4 size poster (the name of the place, time and date are able to be changed as required).
  • Each presentation has a slide advertisement for use on PowerPoint (again, name of the place, time and date are to be changed as suitable).
  • There are a number of single page leaflets that REAP uses in Africa, each describing one aspect of the work. These may be used as handouts, if felt suitable.
  • A list of Most Frequently Asked Questions that have been predicted, together with answers by Dr. Roger Sharland.
  • Response forms (for name, address, email address and signature) so that we may claim gift aid or add new people to the mailing address lists.

It would be appreciated if completed forms could be sent into REAP, 18 Yewhurst Close, Twyford, Berkshire, RG10 9PW.

  • ‘Read Me’ files give details of free downloads available to allow full compatibility, so any particular computer is able to access all the materials without any problems.

Ambassadors are free to alter content as it reflects particular needs.

Please let REAP UK know of any proposed improvements, so we may adjust our materials.


Networking with Ambassadors is facilitated partly through updating the Ambassador section of REAP’s website

Our materials will be updated from time to time, as further ones become available, or there is seen to be a requirement after we get feedback on their use.

Questions arising need to be fed back to Dr Roger Sharland for answering, and then the answers added to this page.

Details of new developments of the work in Africa will be added to the website as they arise.


How proactive each Ambassador is will depend on personal circumstances and their connections.

Different aspects of the work will appeal to different people (home materials to mother’s union groups, natural medicines to health organisations, the agricultural materials to agricultural students, the story materials to bible colleges).  Some groups may want to see more than one presentation or just part of one, so it may be preferable to divide the materials up.

Feedback on any positive connections that are made, any way our materials can be improved, or any new ideas will be appreciated.