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participants from Nov 2016

October 2017 – Natural Medicines Training Seminar

Natural Medicines Training Seminar in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

REAP and anamed Kenya are planning to conduct another Natural Medicines Training Seminar in October 2017 in Karen on the outskirts of Nairobi.

The aims of this training seminar are to train people (healers, pastors, missionaries, health workers, teachers and others active in the community) in:

  • The recognition, knowledge and cultivation of several medicinal plants in a medicinal garden.
  • The hygienic production of effective Natural Medicines from these plants, e.g. teas, different medicinal oils and ointments and tinctures. We will also produce different medicinal soaps, medicinal charcoal, black stones for scorpion stings and snake bites and learn how to use several simple technologies.
  • The treatments of many medical complaints and diseases, including malaria, skin problems, diarrhoea, HIV/AIDS and wounds.
  • The influence of good nutrition and lifestyle on health.
Participants from Nov 2016
  Teaching on making ointments


Seminar Details

Where:  Mary Ward Centre,  Karen on the outskirts of Nairobi.

Date: 4pm on Sunday 8th October – 2pm Saturday 14th October 2017.

Cost: KSh 38,000/- or equivalent for the one week seminar.
(This is an all inclusive price, and includes food, accommodation, books, some seeds, a T shirt, a poster and all seminar materials, but excludes transport to and from the venue. Any insurance required remains the responsibility of the participant)

Tutors: Rev Rosalia Oyweka and Dr Roger Sharland, assisted by Pst George Matengo.


Contact Details

If you are interested in attending please contact: 

REAP Administrator: Mrs Anne Sigei


Phone: +254 (0)707 495709 or +254 (0)722 737429.

 ** Book soon to reserve a place!

Download Invitation

To download a pdf of an invitation to this seminar, please click here:

Letter of invitation Oct 2017 Natural Medicines Seminar

photo of a group discussion on natural Medicine

Natural Medicines Workshop in Butere

Early February in Butere

Photo of Group Discussion at Natural Medicines Workshop.Keith Lindsey leading a discussion at Natural Medicines Workshop

At the beginning of February we were in Butere, western Kenya for a two day workshop.  There were about 26 participants, all of whom are active in Natural Medicines. Most had attended a previous training seminar. It was a time of sharing together and learning from each other, and a significant amount of time was given to learning how people had used and built on their training. A strong list of successes and challenges was produced as well as specific questions.

There was also some new teaching including Keith Lindsey presenting on Non Communicable Diseases, also known as Lifestyle Diseases. This led to talk about healthy lifestyles and challenges of the modern world. More and more our teaching focuses on how to keep healthy, motivating people from the Bible.

We went through many of the specific questions raised with responses coming from both the participants and the facilitators, depending on the topic. It was a very valuable time of mutual learning. One of the questions related to how the teaching of Natural Medicines fits with Biblical teaching. This gave me an opportunity to share some of what the Bible says in relation to the wonder of God’s creation as well as to challenge participants to read the Bible in such a way as to learn new things

Roger teaching on the use of Frangi Pani for Shingles

There was a question about how to manage HIV symptoms and I was able to talk about how Frangi Pani can be used to treat Shingles.

Photo of Seminar Attendees

Natural Medicines Training Seminar 2016

REAP conducted a Natural Medicines Training Seminar from March 6th-12th at the Mary Ward Centre in Karen.

The seminar was attended by participants from Kenya, South Sudan, Mozambique, USA and Australia.

Natural Medicines Training Seminar Content

During this seminar we covered:

  • The major medicinal plants that we teach on and included many practicals.
  • Growing, preparing and the use of Natural Medicines.
  • A Biblical Perspective and discussions about how to communicate the message positively both within the church and the community.

More Training Seminars

We hope that we will be able to hold another seminar later in the year.

Please contact the REAP office in Nairobi or Kisumu if you are interested.

Photo of how to take cuttings of Artemisia

Encouraging News about Artemisia

Photo of how to take cuttings of Artemisia

Rev Ben Baraza showing one of his contact farmers how to take Artemisia cuttings from his plants

As we promote the growing and the use of Artemisia as an infusion for treating malaria, we can be more and more confident of it’s effectiveness. Recent clinical trials show that the tea is more effective than ACT drugs, and with no side effects. For those who are sceptical this is very good news. See link: This comes together with the recognition of Youyou Tu by the Nobel committee for discovering the effectiveness of Artemisia with the award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine.


Natural Medicine message spreads to Diocese of Juba

Nydia Wilson Lupai, who works with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan as Mothers’ Union Community and Development Coordinator, Diocese of Juba, attended A Seminar in Natural Medicine with REAP in February, 2014 in Nairobi. Since the training she has been very active in making natural medicinal products and in training others in Juba. In October 2015 she organized a Training of Trainers for eighteen (18) Mothers’ Union members from Juba Diocese. They were trained on using Moringa Oleifera leaves and seeds, making chili ointment, using Euclayptus leaves and making medicinal charcoal from groundnut shells and their benefits. Among the trained members were the Patron Deborah Daniel Deng, the Director of Health, teachers, nurses as well ordinary citizens.
Participants in the Oct 2015 training in Juba (comp)

Participants in the Oct 2015 training in Juba

Participants making Eucalyptus oil - the MU patron on the left (comp)

Participants making Eucalyptus oil – the MU patron on the left