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Photo of November 2018 participants
Update from Natural Medicines Seminar in November 2018
REAP conducted a Natural Medicines Training Seminar from November 18th-24th, 2018 at the Subiaco Centre in Karen, near Nairobi. Fourteen
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George teaching on harvesting Artemisia and taking cuttings during Natural Medicines seminar May 2018
May 2019 Natural Medicines Seminar
May 2019 Natural Medicines Training Seminar in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya REAP and anamed Kenya are planning to conduct another Natural
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Grevillea trees are becoming a common sight on farms
Trees Mitigate Effects of Climate Change
Climate Change By Dr Roger Sharland The climate is changing both at the global and the local level, and we
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Teching on making ointments
April 2018 Natural Medicines Training Seminar
April 2018 Natural Medicines Training Seminar in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya REAP and anamed Kenya are planning to conduct another Natural
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Photo of Natural Meds seminar participants Oct 2017
Update from Natural Medicines Training Seminar – October 2017
REAP conducted a Natural Medicines Training Seminar from October 8th-14th at the Mary Ward Centre in Karen, near Nairobi. Fourteen
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participants from Nov 2016
October 2017 – Natural Medicines Training Seminar
Natural Medicines Training Seminar in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya REAP and anamed Kenya are planning to conduct another Natural Medicines Training
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Easter Tree Planting
Easter Tree planting
Easter Tree planting as a practical part of Creation Care REAP continues to be active in promoting Biblical models of
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Photo of The Deputy Headmaster planting a tree for Tree Planting Ceremony
Tree Planting Ceremony
Tree planting ceremony in memory of Mama Alice Akoth On the 5th April 2017, the REAP team visited Kaminogedo Primary
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Photo of REAP Visitors Centre at Kajulu
Kajulu REAP Centre developing into a Visitors’ Centre
The REAP Centre in Kajulu is developing into a Visitors’ Centre The REAP team based in Kisumu have been working
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Photo of Dr Alice Kaudia and Ed Brown at Creation Care get together
Creation Care and the Gospel
Extending Creation Care Teaching This year we are trying to reach out to different churches and challenge them in relation
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photo of a group discussion on natural Medicine
Natural Medicines Workshop in Butere
Early February in Butere At the beginning of February we were in Butere, western Kenya for a two day workshop.
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Photo of Seminar Attendees
Natural Medicines Training Seminar 2016
REAP conducted a Natural Medicines Training Seminar from March 6th-12th at the Mary Ward Centre in Karen. The seminar was
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Photo of Roger with some of the PRDA staff and Midwifery graduates in Kakuma camp
10 day trip to Turkana County, Northern Kenya
Roger has spent ten days in Turkana County in Northern Kenya doing an evaluation of the PRDA (Presbyterian Relief and
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Photo of how to take cuttings of Artemisia
Encouraging News about Artemisia
As we promote the growing and the use of Artemisia as an infusion for treating malaria, we can be more
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Natural Medicine message spreads to Diocese of Juba
Nydia Wilson Lupai, who works with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan as Mothers’ Union Community and Development
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Creation Care Conference – May 2015
REAP was actively involved in the planning of the Lausanne East and Central Africa Creation Care conference held in May
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Contact Details Changing
Dear All As of this month, the contact details for REAP are changing. Our postal address is now: 10 Bourne
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Help Farmers in Kenya Reap a Better Harvest
Help farmers in Kenya reap a better harvest by supporting REAP this Harvest Season REAP works with poor farmers in western
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Stall Fed Dairy Goats
Stall-fed or zero grazed milk goats have a potential for bringing the same benefits with a greater emphasis on reaching
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The Clay Pot Fridge
A fridge made from 2 clay pots is an idea we are working on. A porous clay pot allows water
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Nursery Gardens
Priscilla in her group nursery by Lake Victoria. Priscilla is one of the ladies from ECCA who has more recently
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In the News
A recent newspaper article in the Daily Nation shows Domitilla demonstrating how to make the stove liners at an exhibition
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Fish Pond in the REAP Garden
This is the pond that we have recently dug at the bottom of the garden in Kajulu, and stocked with
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Vetiver Grass
Here is a good example of the soil wash that Vetiver grass is designed to prevent. This photo was taken
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Moringa Trees
In this photo, is Sam teaching a farmer (pastor) about pruning Moringa trees. Pastor Joel Owano is a pastor in
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Easter Tree Planting Campaign
A Tree Planting Nation – Honouring God and Future Generations Every church and school a tree nursery! Every Kenyan a
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Planting Medicinal Plants
REAP is focusing on just a few well proven medicinal plants that can be used locally for treatment of common
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The REAP plot in Kajulu near Kisumu
On 15 June 2010 REAP completed the purchase of a plot of land in Kajulu, just outside Kisumu in western
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Reusing Tyres
Tyres will take a very long time to decompose but these also have a number of uses. Click on the
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Reusing Bottle Tops
Bottle tops from soda or beer bottles have many uses, both practical and decorative. Click on the picture to enlarge
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Reusing Plastic Bags
Plastic bags litter both towns and countryside but there are also many uses for them. Click on the picture to
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Photo of hanging vegetable garden
Reusing Plastic Bottles
There are countless ways of reusing plastic bottles. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
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Reusing Local Resources
During the Kisumu Show in 2009, REAP won the cup for the Best Stand in Environmental Management.  This was awarded
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Biblical Perspective Teaching Leaflets
Biblical perspectives on: Caring for the Soil Dependency and Work Treatment of Widows Trees: God’s Gift to Us Guidelines for
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Stewardship of the Environment
REAP at present has three core programmes dealing with specific issues relating to the churches’ role in reaching out to
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Christian Women in Development (CWD)
One of the greatest potentials we see in working with churches is the mid week women’s fellowships where a group
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A Biblical Teaching to Motivate Farmers to Maintain a Living Soil
In REAP (Rural Extension with Africa’s Poor) our work is through local churches, emphasising an approach that we believe plays
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Working Through the Local Church
NOTE: This analysis relates to evangelical Protestant Churches. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches have a very different structure that leads
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PLOT Analysis: Playing to the Potential of Churches in Rural Development
SWOT is a commonly used tool for helping organisations understand themselves in organisational analysis and strategic planning. We look at
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Natural Medicines
The REAP Natural Medicines programme grew out of the Stewardship programme as we became aware that many useful medicinal plants
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Guidelines for Teaching on Natural Medicines through the Church
Why are Natural Medicines relevant for the church? They are Biblical. When you are physically sick, your spiritual ministry is
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Integration of Natural Medicines with Food Crops in the Home Garden
In REAP (Rural Extension with Africa’s Poor) we have been working for many years with small farmers on low input
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REAP Teaching Leaflets
These teaching leaflets are designed for East African climate and conditions. You may print them and use them freely. You
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Natural Medicines Teaching Leaflets
Artemisia Moringa Roselle Black Stone Medicinal Charcoal Chilli Ointment Cassia Alata
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Domestic Teaching Leaflets
Making a Fireless Cooker Using a Fireless Cooker The Maendeleo Jiko Efficient Use of Firewood Making Perfumed Body Oil Bottle
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Agricultural Teaching Leaflets
Cassava Mosaic Virus Planting Cassava Six “F” Hedges Using Tithonia as a Fertiliser Using an ‘A’ frame to Mark Contour
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