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Here are some examples of what contributions to REAP can achieve:

  • £9 will buy 10 litres of fuel for a motorbike enabling our staff to reach farmers where they are
  • £20 will buy a tent for drying vegetables including Moringa as well as natural medicines
  • £40 will cover the cost of a set of tools for a tree nursery.
  • £50 can pay for the rent of a piece of land for a year so that a community can multiply up Vetiver grass for sharing in the community
  • £60 will pay for a part time extension worker taking our teaching to the farmers for a month
  • £65 will cover the printing cost of 1,000 leaflets which we produce on both Biblical and technical topics
  • £100 can provide a young dairy goat to a family
  • £120 can cover the cost of displaying our teaching ideas to farmers at an open day at the Agricultural Training Centre
  • £240 will cover the cost of a participant at a week’s intensive residential training including materials to take home after the training