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REAP is a Christian organisation that seeks to facilitate churches and other Christian organisations with relevant teaching that is accessible to the rural poor

The Big Give is back!

We have been accepted by the Big Give for matched funding for REAP to increase the promotion of Fuel Efficient stoves – a core part of REAP’s work.
This work has numerous benefits:

Conserving the environment
Helping to mitigate some of the effects of climate change
Making women’s lives easier and safer, reducing their exposure to smoke and saving them time and money on collecting and buying fuel.

Our target to raise is £4,500 this year… the first £2,500 of which will be matched by the Big Give to make up the £7,000 budget.
To qualify for match funding, donations must be given during the seven day window – midday Thursday 18 April to midday Thursday 25 April.

New Trustees Required to Join UK REAP Trustee board

The positions are well suited to anybody with a particular interest in climate change, agriculture, natural medicine, and international development.

We ask that you prayerfully consider whether you, or someone you know may be able to take on the role of a Trustee for REAP. 

In the first instance email REAP Trustees at at [email protected] for further information.

Our Programmes


Stewardship of God's Earth

We believe in sustainable agriculture and environment and emphasise working with God's creation

George teaching on harvesting Artemisia and taking cuttings during REAP Natural Medicines seminar in May 2018

Natural Medicines

We teach people how to grow, prepare and the use of researched and effective Natural Medicines especially Artemisia and Prunus Africana Trees

REAP Teaching women to mould liners

Women in Development

We focus on teaching through women’s church fellowship groups with a specific emphasis on improved rural kitchens including fuel efficient stoves

Upcoming Event

Natural Medicines Seminar April 2024

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