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REAP is a Christian organisation that seeks to facilitate churches and other Christian organisations with relevant teaching that is accessible to the rural poor

Our Programmes

Stewardship of God's Earth

We believe in sustainable agriculture and environment and emphasise working with God's creation

George teaching on harvesting Artemisia and taking cuttings during Natural Medicines seminar May 2018

Natural Medicines

We teach people how to grow, prepare and the use of researched and effective Natural Medicines especially Artemisia and Prunus Africana Trees

Women in Development

We focus on teaching through women’s church fellowship groups with a specific emphasis on improved rural kitchens including fuel efficient stoves

Movement for Good - 12 days of giving

Nominate a charity to receive £1000 from ecclesiastical

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In December there is an opportunity for REAP to benefit from the 12 days of giving from Ecclesiastical. Please spare a couple of minutes at no cost to yourself to nominate REAP to enter the draw.  Each weekday between 7-22 December 2020, there is a draw for 10 winning charities to receive £1000. The more nominations REAP receives, the greater our chance of being one of the beneficiaries. So please go to the link below and nominate “Rural Extension with Africa’s Poor” –  Charity number 1075121 (Note: if you just type REAP you get another charity but if you type Rural Extension you get onto us).
Please nominate us so that we can spread the word of Creation Care more widely.

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Upcoming Event

Another Natural Medicines Training Seminar

14th - 20th February 2021

How our Programmes impact RURAL Communities

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