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REAP Newsletter - January 2021

2020 was a difficult year almost everywhere, but we want to apply what we have learnt from the experiences as we move forward in 2021.
In 2020 we had to change our plans but at the grassroots level, work continued as those that we have trained took what they have learnt and applied it to their local situations.

Hands on training at our seminars for Natural Medicines

Natural Training Seminars

Now that we are in 2021 we have much more understanding of the risks of COVID19 and we are planning to move ahead.

We have two Natural Medicine Training seminars planned for February and April, and registration is proceeding for both.

Working within the limitations of COVID19 we must limit the numbers to be able to maintain levels of social distancing etc. We have also already received invitations to run training seminars with two local mission organisations and expect to be busy with training throughout the year. So we are set for a season of training.

Ben with harvested Artemisia

Artemisia and COVID19

With its positive effect that it has on the immune system, Artemisia has arisen as a plant important in the COVID19 epidemic. Consequently, in 2020 there was a lot of interest in the growing of Artemisia and a number of those that we have trained have greatly extended what they have planted and reached out to those around their farms.

In 2021 we are getting ready for the expected rains and actively promoting the planting of as much Artemisia as possible. The message is spreading amongst other like-minded organisations which means that it can spread much further than we can physically reach. The planned training seminars are thus very strategic and promise to spread the message even further this year

Digging Vetiver grass from the nursery

Vetiver Grass

Last year we had so few visitors to the REAP farm, so the team focused on consolidating; planting new areas and maintaining what is there. The site is now very well established for training and inspiring visitors.

We have a very large amount of Vetiver grass available from the farm nursery now, so we have already started proactively promoting it, ready for planting with the expected rains. We are also proactively promoting it through other like-minded organisations as well as our own contact people. We are ready to plant a lot this year.

Roger and Jos March 2021

Possible Trip to the UK

Roger and Josilen Sharland had intended to spend six months in UK last year, but that was not possible. So the plans are to be in UK this year, possibly from May to October. We are monitoring the COVID19 situation there and our plans will depend on what restrictions need to be in place later in the year.

Plans may have to change, but we hope that REAP meetings will be possible, and please make contact if you would like them to visit your church or area. Any plans will have to be provisional.