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Vetiver Grass

Here is a good example of the soil wash that Vetiver grass is designed to prevent. This photo was taken (May 23, 2012) at a farm in Kajulu two days after a very heavy downfall. The farmer has recently planted a Vetiver nursery so that he will have grass to protect his soil in the future. The Vetiver nursery should have spread to produce enough slips for planting a hedge across the land by the beginning of the short rains in September.

Using Vetiver grass around a fish pond. The brother of Pastor Simon, who is assisting us in promoting Vetiver planting in Kajulu, is active in promoting fish ponds in the area. He has included planting vetiver to reinforce the ponds into his own teaching.

Vetiver Grass holds back soil. This photo is taken in the REAP garden in Kajulu. In the last 18 months this hedge has been collecting soil behind it which otherwise would be lost to the streams and ultimately the lake. The land on the right is now about 2 feet higher than that on the left!