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Lotions and Potions

Body Lotion

Body Lotions help women and their children to look well groomed and raise self-esteem.  A body oil can be made from vegetable oil and candle or beeswax and perfumed as the user wants. 
Click here for information leaflet on how to make a perfumed body oil.

Shoe Polish

It is important to women how their children look. Although it may be considered a small matter, being able to make shoe polish from cheap soap and charcoal has proved a popular teaching as it takes away the burden of finding the extra money for shoe polish. Children can be smart when they go to school with well-polished shoes and shiny skins.
 Click here for information leaflet on on how to make shoe polish

Floor Polish

We have a simple recipe to make Floor Polish. This helps keep cement floors clean. Although many rural women do not have cement floors many churches do and the women like to be able to make it for their ministry of keeping the church clean.
 Click here for information leaflet on how to make floor polish 

Natural Medicines

Perhaps the biggest worry of rural women is the family’s health and this is also the biggest drain on family finances. Many cannot afford any medical help. We teach some simple remedies which can be made at home for maintaining family health.

The basic body oil, which we teach as a cosmetic, is the basis for many preparations. 

For example Chillie Ointment is made by adding chillie powder to the oil and wax mixture and is excellent for muscle and joint pains.
 Click here for information leaflet on Chilli Ointment

In our natural medicine programme, we also teach many other ointments, tinctures, and preparations.
 Click here to learn about our Natural Medicines Programme

A simple medicine to make is Medicinal Charcoal.
This is made by charring groundnut shells (or other similar products such as coffee husks) until they form charcoal and then grinding this to a powder which is taken for stomach complaints.

Another form of charcoal is the Black Stone.
This is made by burning a piece of cow’s bone without air until it forms charcoal. The very small capillaries in the black stone mean that it has very strong suction, and is used for treating snake, scorpion or insect bites, by sucking out the poison.

Natural medicines, in general, are leading us into a wider sphere of relevant technologies that are accessible to the rural poor. We continue to look for new ideas and ways of adapting and communicating these ideas so that they can really help solve problems for the rural woman.

Preserving Mangoes

Mangoes are a very valuable fruit.  They are very important for providing adequate energy in times of food shortage and a good source of vitamins, especially Vitamin A. Mango trees tend to produce much more fruit than can be used in the season.  By preserving the fruit, the benefits from mangoes can be extended throughout a longer period, and the dried products are easier to sell. 
Click here to for information leaflet on Preserving Mangoes

Paper Beads

Using the glossy paper from calendars, posters, brochures etc. attractive beads can be made for necklaces and other jewellery at minimal cost. Once the skill is learnt a woman can make different coloured necklaces to fit each outfit and feel good without cost.