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Stoves Programme and Other Kitchen Improvements

Photo of Energy Saving Stove liner

Energy Saving Stoves

We have been encouraging the use of Energy Saving Stoves for a number of years.  We have developed a system of moulding the liners within the community through women’s fellowships. By installing the liners when they are air-dried but unfired we have found this to be a very acceptable product that is truly accessible. Click here for information leaflet on the Maendeleo Jiko

Fireless Cooker

This is basically an insulated basket. Food is heated on a normal stove and cooked for part of the time needed. It is then transferred to a fireless cooker, the heat in the food continues the cooking, saving the fuel that would be needed for keeping on the fire. The basket acts as a ‘thermos’ which has freed women to be able to cook at a time suitable for them and to have the food available at the time their family need it. This gives much greater flexibility to a woman’s day, and many have commented on how it has reduced stress in the home and in marriages.

Click here for information leaflet on how to make a Fireless Cooker. 
Click here for information leaflet on how to use a Fireless Cooker
Click here for information leaflet on Efficient Use of Firewood. 
Click here for information leaflet on a MaendeleoJiko stove

Photo of Women's fellowship group with the fireless cookers they have made

Other Kitchen Improvements

Other Kitchen Improvements that have gone alongside the installed stoves, have been:

Benefits of Kitchen Improvements

A benefit of the stoves burning the wood more efficiently, means that there is very little smoke so that it is pleasant to sit in the kitchen and even to entertain guests while working.

The improvements in the kitchen have enormously improved the self esteem of most of the women who have installed them.