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The Clay Pot Fridge

A fridge made from 2 clay pots is an idea we are working on. A porous clay pot allows water to seep through. This evaporates cooling what is inside. This is an idea that is commonly used for cooling drinking water. By using two pots with wet sand between the inner pot can be used for keeping other things such as fruit and vegetables cool.

We know the idea of using evaporation from the clay pot works, but we need to make appropriate and easy for ordinary people to do themselves so that the idea can spread. We first had to get the potter to slightly adapt the shape of the pot so that the hole is a bit bigger. We are then trying different containers inside to find which is best. The metal one is most efficient, but most expensive. The plastic one is most available but seems to insulate too much. The clay one is probably most practical for the ordinary people with the metal one probably attracting those with more resources. Dom is still experimenting.