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Nursery Gardens

Priscilla in her group nursery by Lake Victoria. Priscilla is one of the ladies from ECCA who has more recently joined as a contact person. She already has a group of women she works with and has this tree nursery with them. We have introduced her to Natural Medicines and she is working with her group to propagate natural medicines such as Moringa and Artemisia alongside the other trees they have already started with.

Sam recently established the nursery at the REAP garden. Now that the garden is well established we have started propagating plants that we have established. Sam has taken responsibility for this and here he is with the early plantings. The bright green plants are Artemisia. You can also see the Vetiver hedge behind him.

Fredah by her mixed medicinal garden. Fredah Wabuko is one of the most active people we have trained. She is from Butere in Western Province and is very active in both training and treating people with natural medicines. She has a small residence on the church compound in Butere town (although she has her ‘home’ and farm outside the town). This picture shows how she has made use of a small plot behind this house to grow a wide variety of natural medicines in a small area.