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Easter Tree Planting Campaign

A Tree Planting Nation – Honouring God and Future Generations

Every church and school a tree nursery!

Every Kenyan a tree planter!

Join the National Easter Tree Planting Campaign

Let us join together in fighting for the future of Kenya and bring glory to God in doing so!


The Primary Focus of Easter Tree Planting

The primary focus of a tree-planting effort following Easter revolves around the celebration of the risen Saviour, and the new life we have in Christ.  With the proper preparation, it becomes a beautiful act, which honours and commemorates Christ and His work on the cross. The cross of Christ is like the tree of life, because at the cross the story of redemption and new life begins. The event serves not only as a celebration of the resurrection, but also as a demonstration of our gratitude. Teachings about the crucifixion and resurrection delivered on Easter Sunday can be reiterated and reinforced by conducting a service of thanksgiving and prayer before the actual act of tree planting commences.

  • Rich parallels can be drawn between the biblical passages about the Tree of Life (found in both Genesis 2 and Revelations 22), and how tree planting can be a source of life for people today and into the future.
  • This can also be tied into the truth that Christ died on a tree, because of our sin, in order to bring us eternal life. The cross can be described as the Tree of Redemption.
  • Tree planting can be initiated on the farms of neighbours and non-believers to demonstrate Christian love and to open up opportunities to share Christ or the biblical message of caring for creation.
  • Tree planting can be done as a demonstration of Christ-like concern for children and as a means of building a more hopeful future for successive generations.


Benefits of Church-wide Easter Week Tree-planting Initiative:

  • Strengthening the witness and ministry of the church, its ability to reach out to non-believers, and its ability to address serious and present day realities.
  • Transformation of the Kenyan landscape through the enlistment of 1,000’s to plant 1,000’s of trees.
  • Inspiration and motivation for Christians countrywide to begin addressing other environmental or agricultural concerns.
  • Widespread dissemination of the biblical calling to care for creation.
  • Improved co-operation with secular institutions already working in these arenas.
  • Improved unity and co-operation between denominations.
  • Opportunity to set an example that may be adopted by other countries in Africa or around the world.