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Easter Tree planting

Easter Tree Planting

Easter Tree planting as a practical part of Creation Care

REAP continues to be active in promoting Biblical models of caring for God’s wonderful Creation and had an Easter Tree Planting activity.

We have recently linked up with Margaret Oluoch, a CMS Africa Champion, in promoting Tree Planting and natural medicines through the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK). In March we shared the challenge of Creation Care with Rev John Mark Oduor, the Provincial Director of Mission. His response was that he could not promote what he was not doing himself, and as a result invited us to his home near Siaya in western Kenya. So on April 7th we had a day at his home church, planting trees and Natural Medicines, so that John Mark, as he commented, could lead by example. This fitted in well with the Easter Season and tree planting where we combine the practical teaching on planting and caring for trees as part of creation care with a spiritual message from the Bible. The central imagery is the Tree of Life in Genesis 2 and Revelation 22, with the tree of the Cross at the centre of history.

Photo of Roger explaining about planting Vetiver Grass to the youth, with Margaret Oluoch looking on
Photo of Rev John Mark Oduor planting during Easter Tree Planting