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Newsletter: Spring 2007

Read the complete Spring 07 Newsletter.


  • Thanks that training in the use of natural medicines is being well received in many areas. Please pray that appropriate statistical data on their success, together with chemical analysis
    of the plants used, will be reliably acquired.
  • Guidance in finding the most suitable plot of land in the Kisumu region, to purchase with a grant from Greyfriars, in order to facilitate more effective work in that area
  • For the safety of all REAP ¬†personnel as they live, work and travel in often dangerous areas of Africa. Particularly for several young people from Devon who will be working with REAP over the next few months.

Rain; its Blessings and it’s Challenges

Unusually heavy rains through January and February (normally very dry months) have been of enormous benefit to REAP’s work.

Medicinal Plants Thrive

Many of the medicinal plants, which REAP is introducing for the poor to be able to produce themselves, have spread much faster due to the increased amount of moisture in the soil.

Food Security for Tanzania

Dr. Sharland has been very encouraged by the response in central Tanzania to REAP’s holistic approach.