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Newsletter: Spring 2008

Rift Valley Travel LimitationsThe disruption in January has made REAP concentrate on in-depth discussion with many who have been keen to seek out Roger’s advice and discuss ideas.This has been particularly the case with those who work in Sudan or who are looking to expand into the use of natural medicines.Restrictions on travel have also allowed the team more time to put new ideas down on paper and produce the much needed literature to convey them to a wider audience.In mid- March Roger was once more able to visit the work in Kisumu.

Rosalia is based in Kisumu town where the minority of Kikuyus was targeted. Reap staff have risen to the challenge of being involved in reconciliation and the use of tree planting as a symbol of peace.

Much has now returned to normal in the Kisumu area and the people are positive about the future:

  • The March workshop met with an extremely positive response.
  • REAP’s purchase of land in Kisumu has been delayed but is proceeding.
  • Plans to exhibit at the Kisumu Show in August are back on track.

Looking Ahead

The REAP team has been wondering how to use their emphasis on stewardship and Kingdom teaching to enable the work to impact more positively on, and progress within, the current situation.

REAP continues to extend it’s teaching to explain simple methods of sustainable improvement in the use of agriculture, cooking methods, nutrition and natural medicines, largely through African Christian churches. Many churches are entering into a time of reflection and prayer, facing the difficulty that they have become tribal institutions.

REAP’s focus on Kingdom values is ideally positioned to give a renewed vision which extends beyond the message of salvation to a balanced holistic emphasis.


  • Continued safety for the REAP team as they travel, particularly for Rosalia, Domitilla, George and Samuel, who live up country.
  • Rosalia and George have forthcoming training sessions booked in Eldoret, in the Rift Valley.
  • For honest, humble and repentant prayer among the Kenyan churches, that is insightful and rejects tribalism.
  • That REAP will be able to assist churches in addressing issues of identity through its emphasis on Kingdom living.
Roger’s Garden
The herb garden at the back of the REAP office in Nairobi.
This is Rosalia at the Nairobi office when she managed to fly down for her monthly report in February.
This is a picture of Anne, who works in REAP’s Nairobi office.