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Newsletter: Spring 2009

REAP Training

REAP staff constantly try to follow up and encourage people who have been the most active in implementing REAP’s sustainable concepts.

REAPGeorge will be shortly returning to West Pokot to follow up a recent natural medicines seminar with more detailed super-vision of applying the methods.
In May a training session will focus on the most enthusiastic women who have adopted REAP’s ideas. This is important so that experiences may be shared, learning can be endorsed, new teaching added and the message encouraged to be spread more widely.


REAP Ideas go to India

Moving ahead to Help a Child in India
Following successful teaching in the Help the Child in Africa seminar that REAP hosted last December, eight or nine Indian representatives, from their India branch, will be coming to Nairobi for training on natural medicines the week after Easter.

REAPMany African natural medicines can successfully be grown in other parts of the world as well, so the experiences of REAP can be beneficially shared with other nationalities.

This equally applies to many of REAP’s soil conservation methods, agricultural initiatives, recycling ideas and the efficient use of natural resources freely available to the rural poor.

Spreading the word via Agricultural Shows

REAP’s outstanding success in recent years at the Kisumu Show has proved an effective public relations tool to extend sustainable concepts.
This year REAP have extended their plot at the Kisumu Show ground. This has two important functions:

  • The plot development has a vital role to play in displaying growing examples of the promoted plants to those attending the show itself, which is held each August.
  • The REAP office and grounds at the show have also become a valuable centre for much of its on-going training throughout the whole year, both locally and nationally.

REAPREAP will once more have a table and demonstration on the MU stand at the Kakamega Show this year.

At right, REAP’s newly extended plot at Kisumu.


  • The recent fall in the value of sterling means a 15% drop in the value of donations from the UK –┬áplease pray that this shortfall is made up.
  • Praise that Roger’s team continue to have many opportunities to teach REAP’s ideas to a willing and responsive community of rural African poor and that new ideas are being implemented with beneficial results
  • That Roger obtains appropriate consultancy opportunities which take REAP’s vision forward and replace the Samaritan’s Purse grant that finishes in July