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Newsletter: Spring 2010


  • Thanks that Help a Child Africa are extremely interested in REAP’s work and would like to help take it forward
  • The REAP team has been very encouraged by the amount of people who will be visiting their work this year
  • Please pray for safety in travel for all who are involved in REAP, especially for the those who need to cover large distances in often difficult circumstances

David and Emma enhance REAP team

David and Emma Craig will be working with Action Partners – Pioneers for the next year. They joined the REAP team in Kisumu, Kenya, last month.

David has experience in agriculture and mission. He shares Dr Roger Sharland’s holistic vision to teach Africa’s rural poor to help themselves by using locally
available resources. Emma is keen to become involved working with children.

David has fitted well into the REAP team in Kisumu, where Rosalia and Samuel are based and REAP regularly exhibits at the Kisumu Show ground. It is hoped that
REAP will soon acquire some land in this area to enable more rapid reproduction of planting materials and offer a site for further projects.


To follow David and Emma’s experiences during their time with REAP, please blog:

Consolidating teaching

REAP has recently taken the opportunity to focus on following up the many contacts who have been faithfully passing on REAP’s teaching.

Whilst awaiting external funding REAP has found the strategy of maintaining and encouraging the people already committed to passing on REAP’s ideas very useful.

Almost all REAP’s trained contacts have been visited in the last few months and their teaching has been reinforced and affirmed.

Lots of contacts have been supplied with natural medicine sources from the Nairobi office, including several groups in Sudan.

It has been an encouragement to REAP to find that their existing projects have dramatically changed lives and brought dignity to those who are now able to be fully functional in supporting their families.

Joys of a new season

Rains have started early this year and look promising.

Samuel has already been able to take vetiver grass to many new areas. Growing a vetiver hedge at the borders of plots enables soil to be retained rather than eroded away, allowing the plot to become very much more productive.

Last year’s exceptional dry weather has left many without Artemisia planting materials, so George has been very busy multiplying and distributing cuttings. He has been encouraged by a new contact near Lake Victoria, who is in a good position to supply Artemisia to a much larger area.

REAP encourages Artemisia plants to be grown by the rural poor. When grown outside homes the plants will deter mosquitoes from entering, If anyone does suffer from malaria, Artemisia tea will provide an immediate supply of effective treatment.