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Newsletter: Winter 2011


  • Thanks for South Sudan’s peaceful referendum in January
  • Prayer for wisdom in committing to the many challenging opportunities following South Sudan’s future independence in July.
  • For future funding; Help a Child Africa is now administered from REK in Holland and this makes training opportunities, which have provided funds, difficult to arrange.

The Plot Thickens!

Reap’s plot of land at Kisumu is looking good, now demarcated by both tree and grass hedges.  The medicinal garden that was laid out in January has already taken shape.  Having water on site has been a great blessing as it has enabled George to keep the land well watered.

REAP hopes to use the plot to demonstrate the principles of Conservation Agriculture (by using deep mulch).  For this purpose George attended Care of Creation training last November, and is keen to put what he has learnt into practice.

The erection of a building on the upper part of the land, that could form part of the whole farm environment, is being given serious consideration. This would cater for training small groups as well as provide some volunteer accommodation.  A large kitchen could be used for the preparation of ointments as well as cooking!


Stoves News

Domitila has been busy developing new leaders who are able to make the green liners for local groups of women, so they can install the fuel efficient stoves into their kitchens.

One of these contacts is Ruth Osano, whose husband is a bishop with African Israel Church Nineveh, and who has become very committed to REAP’s stewardship teaching.

These unfired stoves are easily made from local clay and provide almost smoke free cooking using little fuel.

In late March Domitila will be training 25 women at Kimilili, near Mount Elgon.  This will incorporate our associate, Charles, training technicians to make another 10 moulds, so that many more liners can be made.


Other Opportunities

Once the rains are underway Sam plans to activate the sharing of vetiver grass plants by several enthusiastic growers with many interested parties, including the Ministry of Agriculture.

Although Easter Tree Planting has not yet been taken on as a National Event, opportunities continue for its promotion through churches. Ann has been promised seedlings by a health insurance provider to promote tree planting in schools.

George’s quarterly visit to Pokot to follow up his goat training provides a receptive audience for wider REAP teaching.

Tear Fund in Kenya have already booked 10 places on our Natural Medicines Seminar in June.

Later in June, at the Maseno Agricultural Training Centre one day show, we will be focusing on encouraging the growth of Artemisia, whilst also having our usual planting material of Roselle, Aloe, Moringa and Vetiver available.