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Newsletter: Summer 2011


  • Thanks for increased good working relations with other NGOs, especially recent links with the Inter Christian Fellowship Evangelical Mission (IcFEM)
  • Prayer that possibilities for extending REAP’s teaching into new areas of Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan come to fruition
  • Praise for God’s continued blessing on REAP’s work, especially on Environmental Stewardship teaching, in spite of economic constraints

Kisumu Land Developed

The transformation of REAP’s land, to exhibit it’s teaching put into practice, is beginning to attract many visitors.

Three vetiver hedges are now well established; these are already retaining up to 18 inches of soil.

Timber (Grevillea) trees have been planted round three sides and a variety of fruit and medicinal trees now grow throughout the plot.

Three ‘5F Hedges’ and one Tithonia hedge divide the land into smaller plots, which include a vetiver nursery, an example of ‘Farming God’s Way’ (using mulching), moringa experimentally grown close-spaced and managed as tea, an example of a medicinal garden, traditional medicinal plants under scientific research, and prunus africana (tea used to manage prostate problems).  Roselle and sweet potatoes fill areas not yet allocated for more specific use.

Natural Medicines

Planting of Artemesia among our contacts has suffered from the particularly harsh dry season, so there has been a concerted effort to replenish it.

Cassia alata, lemon grass, aloe and roselle have also been in huge demand.

Two one week training courses on Natural Medicine in June have been well received.

REAP’s new medicinal garden at Kajulu, Kisumu

The land at Kajulu has enabled REAP to bury potted plants, mulched over, at the nearby Kisumu Show ground. This improves the display and reduces the time required in watering.

Teaching at the Show this year will also include a simple windmill charger, nursery school equipment and personal hygiene products.

Sam gets on his bike!

Sam and his son, showing the heavy mulching that protects the soil from hot sun and heavy rain

Sam has been able to distribute vetiver grass plants more widely this year by using his motorcycle.

REAP’s new vetiver nursery also will enable more plants to be given out at the Kisumu Show, where the use of vetiver to conserve soil generally attracts a great deal of  interest.

Stoves Update

Three women Domitilla has trained have now extended the fuel efficient stoves teaching in their home area.

Domilla also trained another 20 women at Kililili, which included instruction on mould making, and 20 women at the Mary Ward Centre in Karen.