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Newsletter: Summer 2007

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  • Roger will be chairing the facilitating committee for the Cush Consultation again, in Yei, Sudan, this September. Please pray that this organization, which networks all the Christian organizations in Sudan, will effectively combine its resources.
  • For the smooth purchase of a plot of land that REAP has found near Kisumu, with money from Greyfriars’ building fund, to enable much needed further development of plants.
  • Prayer for Roger as he is working on a Human Resources Manual to enable the church to move forward in this direction.

Hedges Demonstrate Improved Crop

Rain has continued throughout Kenya’s dry season and so enabled the vetiver grass hedges to thrive. Sam has been busy establishing many vetiver nurseries and introducing the plants throughout the villages.

Natural Medicine News Comes to More People

Rosalia has been able to increase the teaching program for natural medicine benefits.

Fireless Cookers Promoted

Roger has written an article on the Fireless Cookers, which REAP has been introducing in Africa, for the next edition of Organic Way.