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Reusing Local Resources

During the Kisumu Show in 2009, REAP won the cup for the Best Stand in Environmental Management.  This was awarded to us in part because of our display on ways of managing and using waste.

This picture shows a typical scene along many road verges.  Rubbish is becoming a problem, that we can help to alleviate by making use of some of it.

Uncontrolled waste is certainly a very big problem and a concern as we seek to take care of our Father’s property, His wonderful creation, not least here in Kenya! We include this teaching as we teach on Creation Care.

We have been teaching on this we teach of the 5 Rs.

  • Refuse – Say no to a plastic bag or unnecessary plastic wrapping (See
  • Reduce – Use less
  • Reuse – Rather than throwing disposable things away, continue using them
  • Re-purpose – find a new use for something that is designed to be disposable
  • Recycle – this is normally an industrial process but involves sorting rubbish so that it can be recycled.

We have collected some pictures which show some of the many ways that people can make use of some of the waste products.
Click on the links to see specific types of recycling ideas.

Reusing Plastic Bottles

Reusing Plastic Bags

Reusing Bottle Tops

Reusing Tyres